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Call Center Suite of Applications

Welcome to CProdX - an all-in-one Call Center package that builds strong Enterprise -Customer relationships management, providing superior end to end services to your customers and enhancement of business productivity through high uptime and optimum resource utilization. The technologically innovative solution is perfectly equipped with inbound, outbound and blended capabilities for native or domestic Call Centers or SMEs to run voice processes such as customer support, telemarketing and sales, collections, technical support, marketing research, helpdesk and other processes.

Bringing e-mail, phone, audio calls and conferencing, voice mail, instant and short messaging systems into one integrated web based customizable solution.

The feature-rich solution offers top-of-the-line capabilities, such as ACD (Intelligent Call Distributor), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Outbound Dialer, Voice Logger Quality, CTI, CRM Integration and Reporting. With such a comprehensive feature set, CProdX scores over the competition and provides the best value for money.

CProdX creates a VoIP enabled contact center environment with flexible dimensioning options starting from 4 PRI (E1) and 25 agent positions. Addition of PSTN interface ports is modular and is limited only by an organization's administrative requirements. A single CProdX registration server is capable of handling 3659 Agent positions simultaneously and this number can be increased by adding CProdX servers to the setup

Seamless Integration

CProdX call center suite is designed to give organizations comprehensive touch point tapping solution with easy customization and integrations. Along with the CRM packages offered by Future Technologies, companies can create an end to end customer services setup, while seamless integrations with FT's CRUMS and FTITIL solutions, CProdX becomes the front-end for banking and IT management setups.

Modules of CProdX:


Workforce Management
Workforce and shift management tools for call centers . . More »


Unified Agent/Supervisor Web Applications
Agent and supervisor interfaces for CProdX implementation . . More »


Call Center Administration and Management Tools and Applications. . More »


Multiple live statistics soft boards . . . More »


Business Intelligence
Pre-Configured and Customizable MIS Dashboards and Reporting tools . . . More »


Quality Assurance
Synchronized Voice and Screen Recording and Playback with scoring. . More »


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